WordCamp Bern

Many thanks to WordCamp Bern team for inviting me to speak about the creation of small business websites in WordPress – my process on 9 September. Schedule. Cheers!


WordCamp Belgrade

Many thanks to WordPress team for inviting me to talk on WordCamp, on May 13 in Belgrade about my process of creating small responsive websites in WordPress. It was interesting and funny. What I am very fond of when I speak at the meetups or conferences is interactivity with the attendees and the dynamic of the talk no matter if it lasts for 15 minutes or 40 min. You can see the slides and the text from the talk via: Cheers!



Payoneer design forum

Thanks to Payoneer for inviting me to speak on their design forum in Belgrade. I was talking about Responsive design – my process. It was great. Cheers!




On this image inside the bird graffiti it says: “Stay Peculiar”.

How to create responsive websites in an effective way? – meetup

With the vast number of mobile phone users responsive websites are now standard. I was talking on 27 September in Impact hub at my meetup about the creation of responsive websites in an effective way with the designing in the browser, use of Bootstrap responsive framework to sending the tested template as HTML demo to the client using the concept of atomic design on real example.

I think that sharing knowledge and experience through interactive meetups is very inspiring and enthusiastic. Thank you all for coming. Cheers!


Atomic design – my process meetup

Thanks to everybody for coming at my meetup “Atomic design” on 26th August in Impact hub. Atomic Design is the creation of system of fragments which will be connected in order to create COMPONENTS and TEMPLATES that we can reuse.

Link to the presentation: Atomic design. Cheers!


Geek Night

Thanks to HeapSpace (technology community that run presentations, panels, workshops, hackathons and conferences: Voxxed Days) for inviting me to be a speaker at Geek Night on 26th May, 2016 in Dom Omladine in Belgrade. I was talking about Responsive design and it was very interactive. Cheers!



Responsive design – my process meetup

Many thanks to Impact Hub for giving me an opportunity to be a speaker in Belgrade at my meetup Responsive design – my process on April 13, 2016. It is wonderful to share knowledge. Thank you all for coming. Cheers!

Link to the presentation: Responsive design – my process

The three words on the slide in English language are: Persistence, Dedication and Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm moves the world.

In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized.

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