Web designer workflow

The responsive design. A smart solution not a trend. A solution that brings us to another way of thinking when we design the page. Designing in the browser.  A designer who does not write markup and css is not designing for the web, but drawing pictures. Please read very interesting article about the changes that came with the responsive design and the new workflow of designing in the browser that I completely agree with: SO, YOU’RE A WEB DESIGNER, RIGHT?

Responsive design examples

responsive designResponsive design is design optimized for various of devices: mobile, tablet, ipad, laptops, desktop computers using media queries, fluid grids and flexible images. There are a lots of sources and frameworks for responsive design. My opinion about it is that in terms of costs, time and final product responsive design is the best and logical option.

I have been researching web to find other great responsive design examples besides Boston Globe, Food Sense. I have found:,,,,

The point is that responsive design is not a trend, it is an approach and a solution that will help the companies to sell their services and products in an innovative and successful way. RESPONSIVE DESIGN presents a challenge for the future of the web. Instead of giving critics, better start learning now!