Tips about public speaking

November 25, 2017


Here are a few tips about becoming a public speaker from my own experience:

  • First be yourself (Je suis comme je suis).
  • Yes, you have something interesting to share (we all have our talents but not everyone has the surrounding that supports your individual development, though that should be the purpose of one country in general, nevertheless don’t let that discourage you).
  • Be spontaneous (don’t be uptight, everything is alright).
  • Don’t read the notes (it would seem you are unprepared for the talk).
  • Have a humor.
  • Be interactive (ask audience questions during the talk, let the audience ask you, the talk is than more dynamic and creative, it is not about you it is about your message).
  • Keep the slides simple.
  • Don’t get stuck on one place during the talk (when I started for the first time talking at my web design meetup I had to sit, it was hilarious and, no, wandering the stage is not the nervous tick).
  • Have fun (Enjoy sharing knowledge).
  • Prepare the talk for the next conference or create your own first meetup.
  • Before all of that listen to some good music from the 80’s Duran Duran.
  • Cheers!