Cat Shelter theme

December 2, 2017

I was searching for the cat shelters via internet across the world and I have noticed how these websites are not that presentable and definitely not responsive. If you have a cat shelter and you need a website with bold images and pages: home, about us, adoption, feature rescue animal, volunteer and contact us, feel free to download it and use it to help them. It also has a documentation. Cat is a magical and a bringer of good luck.

Link to see the theme Happy Cat shelter.

Link to Download the theme.

They have nine lives, maybe ten. They are strong and can survive urban streets and cities. Cats enjoy the sun on the roofs and on the fences of the gardens. Cats are little gods. I understand why Egyptians appreciated them. I despise the time when they have been exterminated. Cats are not our pets, but our little furry friends. A cat is a cat and that is that.