Frontend United

February 13, 2018

Many thanks to the team of Frontend United for inviting me to speak in Utrecht, Netherlands this year. Cheers!



Your pictures: Sorrow – BBC

February 1, 2018

Many thanks to BBC for publishing my picture for the theme “Sorrow”.


February wallpaper

February 1, 2018

Many thanks to Smashing Magazine for publishing my desktop wallpaper for February 2018 – “Charlie Chaplin”. “Sometimes we think too much and feel to little”. He also said: “More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost”.

We have great graffiti-art. The city is like an open gallery. Cheers!



January 15, 2018

“Take away the arts and progress of the mind, and you will find nothing in any age remarkable enough to attract the attention of posterity.” – Voltaire / The Story of Philosophy – Will Durant




January wallpaper

December 31, 2017

Happy New Year! Many thanks to Smashing Magazine for publishing my desktop wallpaper for January 2018 – “Freedom”. Cheers!


Designing in the browser and other thoughts…

December 10, 2017

Until 2010 we created fixed websites. The only issue was IE (no there aren’t any issues like that today-be happy, those were the tough times). From 2010 with responsive design that first appeared as a trend, from 2014 as a standard we have to create not just good user experience but a great one, so the content works perfectly with the design and it can be read and scan on various devices. With that we have new challenges coming, as it is designing in the browser or how I call it: designing in the code.

Designing in the browsers means seeing the design in the surrounding in which it will work as soon as possible. Sending mockups to the clients is time wasting and it is just a static picture. You will be much faster and you will cut the development time. What is really essential is that your clients will have much better understanding of the design once you send them html demo: index.html, about.html… They will test it in all the devices they have starting from mobiles to tablets, laptops and desktop computers. If you just started to learn web design, focus first on learning to code, express your creativity and never give up. At the end of the day it is not important which type of framework you use, but if the website is functional or not.


Also I am not sure how web design is going to evolve within ten years from now, but if you are living in the country that is developed work locally first than globally: small busines websites for example, other way around is sometimes hard. Nevertheless, educate the clients that they need the website which is their brand. Create something yourself. Create a product. Express your creativity.


The future of this world is not in digitalization as everybody are around that hype, but in surviving and helping this planet, so that all of us can learn and grow in healthy environment. When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. We can be HEROES just for one day. In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized.

Think, but think smart and with your own head. Read the wonderful book: MORAL GROUND, Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril and act.

Cat Shelter theme

December 2, 2017

I was searching for the cat shelters via internet across the world and I have noticed how these websites are not that presentable and definitely not responsive. If you have a cat shelter and you need a website with bold images and pages: home, about us, adoption, feature rescue animal, volunteer and contact us, feel free to download it and use it to help them. It also has a documentation. Cat is a magical and a bringer of good luck.

Link to see the theme Happy Cat shelter.

Link to Download the theme.

They have nine lives, maybe ten. They are strong and can survive urban streets and cities. Cats enjoy the sun on the roofs and on the fences of the gardens. Cats are little gods. I understand why Egyptians appreciated them. I despise the time when they have been exterminated. Cats are not our pets, but our little furry friends. A cat is a cat and that is that.



Tips about public speaking

November 25, 2017


Here are a few tips about becoming a public speaker from my own experience:

  • First be yourself (Je suis comme je suis).
  • Yes, you have something interesting to share (we all have our talents but not everyone has the surrounding that supports your individual development, though that should be the purpose of one country according to the philosophers, nevertheless don’t let that discourage you).
  • Be spontaneous (don’t be uptight, everything is alright).
  • Don’t read the notes (it would seem you are unprepared for the talk).
  • Have a humor.
  • Be interactive (ask audience questions during the talk, let the audience ask you, the talk is than more dynamic and creative, it is not about you it is about your message).
  • Keep the slides simple.
  • Don’t get stuck on one place during the talk (when I started for the first time talking at my web design meetup I had to sit, it was hilarious and, no, wandering the stage is not the nervous tick).
  • Have fun (Enjoy sharing knowledge).
  • Prepare the talk for the next conference or create your own first meetup.
  • Before all of that listen to some good music from the 80’s Duran Duran.
  • Cheers!

Payoneer forum – 14 September

September 16, 2017

I spoke on Payoneer forum in Novi Sad, Serbia on 14th September about the creation of small business websites in WordPress. Many thanks. Cheers!


WordCamp Bern – 9th September

September 11, 2017

Many thanks to the team of Wordcamp Bern on their hospitality. The talks and the atmosphere were great. Interactive and very interesting. The city of Bern is beautiful. And there were a lots of laughs and great t-shirts. Link to the slides: The creation of small business websites in WordPress. Cheers! One more thing. The trains are excellent.

Link to the video:


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