Marija Zaric

My name is Marija Zaric. I am a web designer (coding is fun and designing in the browser), international speaker, technical reviewer, photography enthusiast and a street artist living in Belgrade (We are citizens of the universe. The tragedy of our times is that we do not know this.) with focus on individual and commercial clients that demand a websites that are clear, modern, creative, simple, and responsive.

I work with clients from the USA and all over the world.

Years ago, I started experimenting with Dreamweaver, CSS, and HTML. I became very fond of coding and retro design. This influenced my first website.

I am a relentless learner. What I love most about web design are the constant changes in the field especially its evolution in the last couple of years when I got inspired by simplicity, great images, typography, and the possibility to optimize a single website for various devices.

I redesigned and incorporated these styles into my own website and called it Creative Simplicity.

I was a technical reviewer for the books Responsive Media in HTML5, Mastering Responsive Web Design, Responsive Web Design Patterns, Mastering Bootstrap 4, and Practical Web Design for Packt Publishing.




I love sharing knowledge on meetups and events: local web design meetups, Payoneer forums, Geek night, WordCamp Belgrade, WordCamp Bern, Frontend United – Utrecht, Webinale – Berlin, WordCamp Finland (online), Wordcamp Netherlands. What I love about the talks besides sharing knowledge and experience is interactivity during the talk (ask the attendees the questions, let them ask you) with a pinch of humour. Though on the other hand the conferences lack the interactivity during the talks. Energies are different from one conference to another. Talks should be dynamic, bold and honest.


With the Bootstrap mobile first responsive framework (many thanks for open source) I have made various themes that you can view and download here / Learn. Share. Evolve. Contribute. Respect. Smile. And look at the stars.

As a great, great photography enthusiast taking shots for Unsplash (many thanks), my photos were published on various magazines internationally from Forbes, BBC News to Wall Street International, the Seattle Star (Seattle’s journal of culture and politics), El País,, Altreconomia, Emerging Europe, Innovators magazine, (Urban Development / Architecture & Design / Innovation – Building), San Francisco News, Psychology Today, City Magazine Belgrade, Canadian Running Magazine, Bristol Herald Courier,, and other magazines as well, universities: JAMK University of Applied Sciences, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE impact blog), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, University of Cape Town, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, small-medium size business websites, Nancy Schoellkopf – a California poet and novelist, Archers of Raunds, PET-Recycling Schweiz, Cloud Foundry, Eventbrite, European Academy Berlin, München Stadtbibliothek, Cheers!

Stickers play a great role in my life. I started a couple of years ago making them and that was the most creative outburst coming from the universe (maybe from Andromeda galaxy, I am not sure) where I got out of the comfort zone. It was an awakening, it was freedom from the loop of Matrix, it was Soulful, Profound. Living in a rhythm of color, texture and wonder. While to someone an adventure is to go to Antarctica (yes, that song from the 80’s is great) to me that adventurous place are the streets of Belgrade. I want the viewers to connect with my stickers in a personal, creative and intellectual way.


Sticker artists often trade their work with each other in order to expand distribution. I sent a couple of my stickers to Athens, Greece ( as well as to Bucharest, Romania (Bucharest Stickerz Fest).

Sticker art is a sort of an URBAN MAGIC. Wonder, Hope, Panic, eventually revolt and make stickers. Art is everywhere.