Thanks to everybody for coming at my meetup “Atomic design” on 26th August in Impact hub. Atomic Design is the creation of system of fragments which will be connected in order to create COMPONENTS and TEMPLATES that we can reuse.

Why should we use atomic design? There are a couple of reasons:

  • Since the responsive websites are now standard it will be easier to mix and match components from other finished projects for the future projects.
  • Quicker prototyping – you will send the clients html demos instead of mock ups and the clients will have much better understanding of the design. They will test it on all the device they have once you send them an html demo.
  • It is the future of web design in terms of creating better system that will help us to create the websites in easier and faster way and a better approach of designing websites in a modular way.
  • Link to the presentation: Atomic design. Cheers!